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When I first decided to open a veterinary clinic, 9 years ago, my goal was to provide excellent care to pets. I had only been out of vet school for a year and a half. I did not like my current job and I wanted to be my own boss and make decisions about patient care that felt good to me. That was my goal. The clinic name was going to be Premier Vet Care. I was approved for a new practice loan and I started the process of finding a location. Well, this process dragged out and my financial reserves eventually depleted and I accepted a full time position in Kentucky at a 24hr clinic where I would be practicing emergency medicine for the first time. I put my dream of ownership on a shelf. I didn’t leave it completely and always knew there would be a time to go back to that shelf and dust off that dream and put a better plan into action.

Fast forward many years to 2018. I again applied for a new practice loan and was approved. The process started all over again, but things were very different this time. After being in clinical practice for 10 years, my purpose and perspective had broadened. I chose the name Little Urban Vet Clinic. I wanted to create a space where I could practice medicine that was excellent and tailored to every individual pet, but I also had a new focus. I wanted to create a vet clinic that reflected me, an African American woman. Someone that was raised humbly by parents that didn’t have much. A little girl that would read a book a day and constantly searched for answers. In the work environment, I realized that I spent too much time in a cloak trying to make everyone around me feel comfortable. I’m not doing that anymore.

LUV Clinic is a space for EVERYONE to be their true selves AND we provide excellent care to pets. Representation and diversity matter to clients. Every perspective matters and I’m here to really see my clients and hear their concerns and meet them where they are. Let’s work together to make sure your pets are well and living their best lives.

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